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Basket BattleMod Apk is a puzzle-based adventure game designed by Dream Games Limited. It is provided. It is a game that challenges players to solve puzzles and get rewards.
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Oct 27, 2022
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Basket BattleMod Apk is a puzzle-based adventure game designed by Dream Games Limited. It is provided. It is a game that challenges players to solve puzzles and get rewards. Then, you can make use of these rewards to help King Robert to renovate and embellish his palace.

The controls for swipe and match are easy to use and perfect for those who are new to the game. Beyond that, the game features stunning images, fascinating sound effects, and thrilling gameplay.

Do you have the ability to assist the king to make his palace gorgeous again? Download the game today and see for yourself! It’s only 168MB and works with almost every Android device.

Are you bored of the same old games that have the same game mechanics? If so then you should try the excitement that is present in Basket BattleMod Apk. It features unique puzzles that keep your mind engaged for long hours. Solving each puzzle requires connecting 3 or more objects that are similar in nature. When you have completed it you can eliminate the puzzle and you’ll be awarded reward points.

Although the puzzles appear easy for the first few levels but as time passes, they will require increasing brain power. You should therefore be prepared to work your brain to solve puzzles as never before.

About Basket Battle Mod Apk

Games that involve sports are always enjoyable because they let players satisfy their desire to play using mobile phones. Publisher DoubleTap Software released Basket Battle Mod Apk to help gamers who are passionate about basketball, and basketball specifically.

Your size and passion can be a benefit for a game like a basketball. Use your entire skill set to get the ball into the basketball and get the largest goal ever recorded in the history of basketball. It is a very well-known sport in certain countries like China, South Korea,

the Philippines, and, more specifically, the Philippines, and especially the United States, although it isn’t as well-known as football the enthusiasm of players in the game is unquestionable. Basket BattleMod Apk is a genuine game of sports that can make basketball players addicted.

From getting your players moving to smacking the ball into your basket of your opponent, there is plenty to accomplish here. Learn, meet interesting characters, develop their abilities, and head to the basketball court with stunning graphics, easy-to-use controls, vibrant rooms, and plenty of adrenaline.

Do your best to beat other teams and earn rewards by completing tasks. To prevent losing to rivals it is important to train yourself to play against bots, and you’ll be able to win.

The rules of fighting basketball are quite easy to follow. All you need to do is to put the ball into your basket your opponent legally and stop your opponent from putting the ball in your basket. It’s a team sport However, the game consists of one-on-one games.

It’s not simple winning, however, it’s difficult to win. Each time you win cash you can make use of it to purchase or upgrade your players. You have two options you can purchase players using cash or gold. It is easy to earn money.

However, gold isn’t as plentiful and will allow you to get the best players in the world. You also have complete control over your players and are able to do what you wish while playing with the simple virtual buttons. Every player is in a fight to manage the ball.

As you create your team, you can level up and personalize your players Utilize your incredible skills and talents to guide them to victory and enjoy yourself while doing it. Play multiple matches by participating in some of the most exciting games.

Unlock new areas

Remember that your main objective is to assist King Robert to renovate his castle. In order to do this, you need to earn rewards for solving puzzles.

Rewards let you purchase things needed to complete renovations, such as furniture paintings, furniture, and so on. They can also be used to unlock new rooms in the castle.

The bathroom, kitchen, bedroom dining room, and much more are just a few of the rooms you get access to. Be sure to decorate every area with the finest items to win the approval of the King.

Millions of players

Basket Battle Mod game offers not just about solving and completing puzzles. This game is also a race. You’ll be competing with millions of other players from all over the world, and you’ll want to win. There are a variety of tournaments that can be used to earn cash, such as:

King’s Cup. It is the most highly regarded tournament that is only open to the most talented players. You must complete all the puzzles you can in order to gain entry into this event. The prizes are appealing, and therefore they’re worth it.

The Sky Race. In this competition, you must gather as many items as you can within a certain period of time. The more items you gather, the greater your chance of winning.

Team battle. It is a tournament for teams in which you will compete against players from all over the globe. The aim is to work together as a team and to get more points over your opponents.

lightning strike. It’s a fast-paced intense, intense game that requires you to complete the most puzzles you can in a very fast-paced setting. The rewards are very generous.

Basket Battle Mod Apk Features

Have a thrilling and exciting basketball game

If you’re looking for a more casual and exciting kind of basketball is the ideal mobile game you’ve been seeking. Furthermore, the game provides exciting basketball matches that take place in real-time in which you compete against opponents in two-on-one matches. Check out how you can hit the court in your exciting and thrilling basketball style.

Basket Battle apk

Simple and simple controls

For new players to become familiar with the game quickly, there are easy and easy controls during the game. You can easily navigate through the game using easy-to-use virtual keys. There are just three buttons to use and you’re playing in the 2D arena which makes it extremely easy for players new to the game.

But, don’t play the game lightly. Make use of your drilling expertise to execute amazing backsteps and crossovers and shoot stunning shots in a variety of styles, and outsmart your opponent to take on amazing obstacles.

Take part in this ultimate tournament to be the champion of all time

For those attracted, the game lets players travel across the country to find the perfect match. This is where you can develop your team into an elite club that has the potential to win titles. Participate in stunning tournaments held on more than 100 basketball courts that are unique all over the nation. Also, be sure to be aware of the precise benefits you will receive.

Join thrilling online events

Furthermore, the game regularly provides thrilling online games for players to participate in. Each event is unique and has its own theme, based on the event in question that allows for more variety and exciting gameplay. Live events are fun and you can earn amazing rewards while you explore new games.

Do not hesitate to change and enhance your team

If you’d like to make your team more unique as you face exciting game problems, you’ll be able to pick from the numerous customization options available for your team. You are free to alter her appearance with new facial expressions, hairstyles and uniforms, brand footwear, and so on.

You can also utilize interesting upgrades to improve the efficiency of players in the course of play. You can teach them excellent skills and enhance some of their vital stats.

Awe-inspiring and attractive basketball gameplay

Basketball Battle recreates the rules of fighting or the basic basketball style down to the most minute details. But, the game is centered on 1v1 gameplay and the system of operation is made simple so that any player is able to play fantastic games with strangers or friends. It also incorporates an approach to gameplay that is platform-based rather than the complicated 5-v-5 basketball match, it’s easy enough for anyone to play.

A simple operating system

The game plays in a 1v1 format, and the system of operation has been simplified and modified to enable everyone to adjust quickly. In contrast, ball interactions are fluid with high speed, providing players the ability to perform complicated movements despite the finite control system. Furthermore, the characters are able to adapt and, in most cases, will automatically communicate with the ball on behalf of the players.

Game in full and innovative mode

Different games and 1v1 matches are fantastic basketball matches that everyone is eager to share with their buddies. Of course, more games like 2v2 are introduced periodically to make games more intense and thrilling as they have been before. Certain notable game modes might only be available during major events however their design and game mechanics are different from normal games and add a lot of fun.

Completely personalize your character

Making your character’s outfits customizable is a distinct aspect of the game, and offers players a variety of options to showcase their abilities. Fortunately, the customization feature offers a lot of depth and lets players create gorgeous or elegant models even if they’re still based on an aesthetic. It’s not just about the clothes, but also the player can also alter the character’s appearance, hair shade, skin tone, and much more to make the character more appealing.

Use intriguing techniques

While Basketball Battle uses 1v1 gameplay mechanics, it has a wide range of strategies used by basketball pros. The game’s performance can surprise opponents in certain instances, whether by random chance or through the combination of actions or moves. With time, players are able to discover more exciting techniques and showcase them on the court.

Main Features

There is no need for internet or wifi. This game lets you play offline, meaning that you don’t require an internet connection to play.

A lot of challenges. There are many challenges in the game like magical hats, pigs strange mailboxes, birds, cabinets, liquids, and diamonds.

Graphics of high quality. While the graphics of the game are basic and light, they’re top-quality. The images are vivid and well-drawn which makes the game pleasurable to play.

There are many areas to discover. The game features stunning gardens, beautiful royal rooms, palaces, and more. You can explore all of these rooms after you have unlocked them.

Real-time leaderboard. The game offers live leaderboards that you can check how you compare to other players in real time.

Modern audio system. The music in the game is upbeat and energetic and will keep you motivated as you play. Additionally, you will hear different sounds as you make moves or play the game.

Save the King. Only you can save the king’s life and help to renovate his palace. You’re relying on him, and you need to ensure that you’re in good standing.

Basketball Warriors

It’s a true sport that gets players hooked on basketball games. From getting your players moving to put the ball in the basket of your opponent There is plenty to do.

If you’re unfamiliar with playing the sport, try practicing your movements first, then throw the ball in different directions. Once you are comfortable with the game and feel comfortable, you are able to test your skills against AI in order to assess your skill. It’s not simple winning, however, it’s not simple to win. Every time you play,

You will receive some cash that can be used to purchase new players or upgrade them. You have two options you can purchase players using gold or money. It’s easy to earn money however gold is scarce and could aid in unlocking the best players in the world.

Basket Battle apk

Every player has basic stats like speed, height shooting, tackling, and defense. Much like FIFA or PES players’ skill is reflected by the number of stars a player holds.

Basketball fighting game

Basket Battle Mod Apk is a simple game that is based on basic functions and all you need is to play a couple of times before you can master the game. To fully benefit from this skill, you require lots of practice. If you’re confident in yourself it is an opportunity to challenge and connect with other players.

When you participate in sports, you must focus on the physical form of the players. They won’t jump or play if they’re tired and so it is important to provide them with a break to replenish their energy. If they’re fatigued and thirsty the only way to help them is to substitute the player on the field by the bench. Every player has unique capabilities with their own strengths and weaknesses.

One of the things I like about the game is that each game takes only a few minutes to play. This means that you can play wherever and at any time in less than 10 minutes. Even if you’re located in an area that has no wifi or internet access, you may play the game offline. But the PvP in real-time is the most interesting and exciting way to play basketball. You can participate with your friends or any other player around the world.


In a game such as Basket BattleMod Apk your size and enthusiasm are huge assets make use of all your talents to get the ball in your basket and then score the most impressive goal ever recorded. Explore America. United States to earn the name of a professional basketball player. You can learn various shots, get into the basketball, score yourself, and more, even make your basketball court.

Learn, meet a variety of interesting characters, develop their abilities, and head to the court for basketball. The bright graphics, the simple controls as well as colorful locales, and plenty of adrenaline. Do your best to beat the other teams by completing tasks and earning valuable rewards. To avoid having to lose against your opponents learn to play using bots and you’ll definitely be successful.

Games that involve sports are always enjoyable because they allow players to fulfill their desire to play using mobile phones. Therefore, the publisher DoubleTap Software released Basketball Battle to cater to players who love basketball and basketball specifically. Although it is a wildly popular sport in certain countries like China, South Korea, the Philippines, and in particular those in the United States, although it isn’t as well-known as football is, the love of players in the game is unquestionable.

The rules for fighting in basketball are quite easy to follow. All you need to do is place the ball in the basket of your opponent legally and stop your player from driving the ball into your own basket. Basketball is a team sport however, the game is played in 1v1 games.

How do you get and install Basket Battle Mod Apk?

This property is unique and ensures users are always safe. If you are unable to locate this app on Google Play Store, or Google Play Store, you are able to download it via this site. Follow the instructions below to install the application on Android devices, before you finish the process.

  1. Go to “Unknown Sources” in Settings. Then, go to Security and then enable Security. Security option.
  2. Visit the Download Manager on Your Android device and then click Basket Battle Mod. Then it’s time to install it.
  3. Two options are displayed on the screen of your mobile. There are two methods for installing an operating system. all you need to do is to boot quickly onto the Android device.
  4. The popup will appear with options on the smartphone screen. It will take some time for it to be displayed.
  5. Once all downloads and installations are completed, simply select the “Open” option to start the display on your smartphone.

What are the advantages and the consequences of downloading the Basket Battle Mod Apk File from the internet?


  • The application can be downloaded in any app directly from the website of a third party. The app has archives of all versions and downloads the app according to your needs.
  • In contrast to Play Store, the download process is immediate, and you don’t need to wait for the review process to be completed, and so on.
  • After downloading, there’s an APK file in the memory card or system memory. This means you can remove and install them again without downloading them.


  • Apps downloaded from third-party sources are not typically examined by Google. Therefore, it could pose a risk to your smartphone.
  • APK files can contain viruses that could steal data from your phone or cause damage to the phone.
  • Your apps will not automatically update as they don’t typically be able to access the Google Play Store

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Basket Battle apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What can ensure 100 100% security for their Basketball Battle MOD App?

A: If someone wishes to download an APK file from then we will search for the appropriate APK document in Google Play and allow users to download it straight away (of course, they’re stored on our servers). A: The APK files will also be located in our cache, even if it is not available on Google Play.

The APK you download downloaded from lets you update it through Play Store. Play Store.

A: Of course. In fact, the Play Store installs from Google’s servers except for the downloading of and installation of your services, and page loading from sites such as is identical.

When you download the latest version the update will be available immediately.

Q: What is the reason Android App Permission is required in order to download Basket Battle Mod Apk?

A: The application must connect to specific devices’ systems. Once an application is installed the user will receive a notification about all the authorizations it needs.


This review will have answered all your questions regarding Basket Battle Mod Apk. Basket BattleMod Apk. now download this awesome application for Android and PC and experience it. Apkreals is a trusted source for downloading APK files. We have every app in any type and category.


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1. Tap the downloaded Basket Battle Apk [Mod Features Unlimited money] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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